Minos Pallas
Geldropseweg 440
5645 TL, Eindhoven
Tel: 040-2118623

Minos Pallas

Over the years, Minos Pallas has become locally known in Eindhoven for its quality and ambiance. For already 12 years, we make sure that nights at our place are not only full of the homely atmosphere many people like, but also bring great music and the well-known Greek ambiance to optimally enjoy both dinner and having some drinks.

You are welcome to enjoy dinner at our restaurant, but we would also like to welcome you in our bar and lounge. We offer a separate smoking area, and offer you the option to park your car for free when you enjoy your meal at, for example, our large back garden. This will bring up the perfect atmosphere during a sultry summer evening, to enjoy the Greek ambiance the way it is meant to be. Next to that, you might want to take a seat near our inside fireplace, to have a drink or try some traditional Greek recipes. We would like to take you on a journey through the Greek culinary world, during the highly enjoyable nights.

At Minos Pallas, you are more than welcome to enjoy our open salad buffet. We prepare the buffet ourselves, to ensure you an optimal quality and make sure we never run out of stock. All products are more than fresh and thereby highly delightful. By this means, we ensure you an optimal combination of both delicious taste and the great Greek atmosphere.

We, as your hosts for the night, are looking forward to serve you at our restaurant, which we will do personally,

Yannis Vassiliou, Nektaria Papadimitriou & Evangelo Vassiliou


Bar & Lounge

We both offer a bar and a lounge, to make sure you can have a delicious drink at our place as well. It could be the finishing of a great night, or just the start of a wonderful evening....


You might take a look at the various photos we took of our restaurant. By that means, you will be able to get to know the ambiance and atmosphere at our restaurant...

Garden & Terrace

We proudly present you our garden and terrace. Minos Pallas is well-known for its large garden, that offers you an excellent chance to enjoy a romantic dinner or drink, eventually with some small snacks...


Greek recipes are known for its fresh ingredients, that taste more than delightful. Of course, here at Minos Pallas we make use of this great tradition...